IPL Data Analysis

Dec 2021 - Jan 2022

Associated with SZABIST

In this project, we have developed an analytical dashboard from the data of cricket matches. The data analysis is dynamic in nature, where the user is able to provide parameters through filters. The user would be able to observe relations and trends in the result.

Problem Statement

Sports is an area where data analysis is growing day by day from the perspectives of athletes, broadcasters, brands, coaches, fans, investors, marketing, teams, team analysts and team owners. In order to find the hidden intricacies and pattern details that are not easily noticed in plain sight.


Whereas the objective of our course is concerned, in this project we will be having an improvisation of the concepts in this course, we will use libraries like NumPy, MathPlotlib, Pandas, and Seaborn.

We Have Set The Milestones For The Implementation Of The Project: