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Syed Mustafa

As an aspiring DevOps Engineer with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and a strong academic record (3.89 CGPA - 🥈 silver medalist from SZABIST Karachi, Pakistan). I have a strong history of participation in various competitions and hackathons, I have also achieved 4th position in the #GlobalAI Hackathon by Hackmakers, among 75+ countries around the world. I was also awarded as the best innovator among the 13 countries in a competition organized by ASME, for an application for Microsoft hololens. I have a solid background in DevOps and cloud and on-premises infrastructure management. I have experience in Linux, AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle Cloud, Docker, CloudStack, vCenter, XEN, Gitlab, and CI/CD pipelines. I am skilled in Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with expertise in Terraform and Ansible for provisioning, scaling, and managing infrastructure. In addition, I have experience in monitoring tools like checkMK, PRTG, Graphana, Prometheus, and ELK for logs. I am well-versed in web servers such as Apache Tomcat and Nginx. I have experience in configuring Radius servers. I am also proficient in Python and bash scripting for automating day-to-day tasks. I have a strong work ethic and am dedicated to providing high-quality work, with a habit of meeting deadlines. I am always open to new opportunities, connect with me on LinkedIn for more information about my skills and experience and check out my portfolio on my website

Roadmap to DevOps Engineer

Are you interested in becoming a DevOps Engineer? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ve covered everything you need to know about the road map to becoming a DevOps Engineer, including the specific tools and technologies used by DevOps Engineers, the certifications required, and the top resources and tools for learning DevOps. We’ve also provided a list of companies that hire DevOps Engineers, job descriptions that require specific experience, and information about the programming languages and other specific skills required for DevOps Engineers. Finally, we’ve included a comprehensive list of free resources that can help you start your journey towards becoming a skilled DevOps Engineer. With this knowledge, you can start building your skills, improving your resume, and pursuing your career goals in the exciting world of DevOps.